I want to volunteer

So you want to volunteer in Leeds?

group of people volunteering

To find and be matched with volunteering opportunities available in Leeds you can either:

  1. Search for opportunities online by visiting the Volunteer Connect website
  2. Or, contact Volunteer Centre Leeds directly

Search for opportunities online

Visit the Volunteer Connect website to search online for opportunities in Leeds and register your interest

(Please note, to register your interest you must register on Volunteer Connect, even if you have previously registered with us elsewhere, eg on do-it or Doing Good Leeds).

Contact Volunteer Centre Leeds

Alternatively, you can contact Volunteer Centre Leeds directly. The Contact Volunteer Centre Leeds page has details of its address, opening hours, email and telephone number.

What volunteering opportunities are there?

A wide variety of voluntary work is available with small community groups, local and national charities and health and social services. You could volunteer to work with:

  • older people
  • children and youth
  • admin & computers
  • sport
  • disability groups
  • women's groups
  • the environment
  • arts and music
  • advice/helplines and more...

How volunteering can help you

Volunteering has lots of benefits for individuals, communities and organisations. People who volunteer gain confidence, learn new skills and develop a real sense of belonging to their communities whilst helping to improve the quality of life for local people. Organisations benefit from the skills, enthusiasm and time of a diverse volunteer workforce.

Volunteering gives you the chance to:

  • learn new skills
  • undertake training
  • gain experience
  • use and improve skills
  • develop new interests
  • meet people
  • help and support people
  • be involved in something worthwhile
  • feel good about yourself
  • contribute to your local community